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Somethings you will want to know about travelling in Mozambique and how to get there by road and by air.

By Plane

When travelling to Mozambique from the Americas or Europe most flights are routed via Johannesburg...

By Car

From Johannesburg

Travelling from Johannesburg to Mozambique is easy as the roads are well maintained. Head out to Nelspruit on the N4 and continue onwards to Komatipoort. You will cross the border at Lebombo and enter Mozambique at Ressano Garcia. In order to take your vehicle across the border you will need to have the vehicles original registration papers or a certified faxed copy of them.

If you are driving a rental car you will need a letter of authorisation from the rental company giving permission for you to take the car across the border. It is a good idea to carry certified copies of your driver's licence and passport as well as the original documents.

You will also need to prove that you have third party insurance before immigration will allow you to cross the border. Once you have crossed the border you can follow the EN4 to Maputo, which is about 120 kilometres (74 miles) from the border.

From Swaziland

There is a good tarred road from the Swazi border to Maputo. It is not a good idea to drive this road at night as many vehicles travel without lights and there are many animals on the road. At the border you will have to present the vehicles registration papers, proof of insurance and your passport. As this border is quieter than the South African border it should be faster.

Important if You Are Driving

Here is some handy information regarding crossing the border into Mozambique, and driving around

Self-Drive Tips
Crossing the Border

Car Hire

Many of the major International car hire companies can be found in the major centres of Mozambique. If you are planning on driving in Mozambique you will need an International driving licence.

Please note that driving is on the left hand side of the road.

Public Transport

It is important to understand that public transport can be unreliable. While the taxis and buses found in the major tourist resorts and hotels are fairly reliable, it is when travelling outside of the major centres that public transport becomes more of an issue.

Transport is usually provided in minibuses and Land Rovers, and travelling between cities can be hit and miss affair made all the more hazardous due to vehicles are often not in the best condition being prone to all-to-common breakdowns.

Use it only if you have no other choice.

Stick to using your own vehicle or flying.

There are train services between South Africa and Maputo as well as in the north of the country between Nampula and Cuamba near the Malawian border. These are not the most comfortable form of travel as they are overcrowded and there are no sleeping berths. Avoid them.

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