FAQ - Mozambique Health Requirements

Frequently asked questions about health requirements when travelling to Mozambique.

How is emergency medical cover and travel insurance arranged?

It is up to you to make sure that you arrange medical and travel Insurance prior to your trip to Mozambique. This Insurance should cover traveling to and from the destination, cancellation, medical emergency evacuation, medical expenses, personal baggage and money. Your travel consultant should be able to help you with this.

Do you have any advice pertaining to health in Mozambique?

There are a few private health clinics in Maputo. HIV incidence in Mozambique is unfortunately very high, do not have unprotected sex.

Do I need injections or immunizations?

Please note that Mozambique is a malaria area and malarial prophylaxis is essential when travelling to this country. Please consult your doctor before your trip.

Please make sure you get all of your vaccine shots before arrival in Mozambique, however, the medical facilities in Mozambique is now reasonably stocked. Be careful about what you eat. If you are concerned about the hygiene level of a place, do not eat there.

Can I drink the water?

Do not drink tap water in rural areas. In the built up areas of Mozambique, like Maputo, Inhambane and Beira, it is safe to drink the water. If you are unsure, bottled water is available, although they are highly priced and sold as a semi-luxury item. A better alternative is water purifying liquids (normally chlorine based), which are also widely available and very cheap.

Is Mozambique a Child-friendly Destination?

Mozambique is a family-friendly destination. Due to the good climate and abundance of watersports and outdoor activities, Mozambique is the ideal family holiday destination. Check with your doctor regarding anti-Malaria medication for kids and pack sunscreen to avoid sunburns while your kids spend their time playing on the beautiful beaches.

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