Maputo Hotels in Mozambique

Maputo is the largest city in Mozambique and the capital city. Discover the vibrant and captivating charm of Maputo, Mozambique, while indulging in the luxurious hospitality offered by Maputo's finest hotels.

Nestled along the Indian Ocean coastline, these Maputo hotels seamlessly blend modern comfort with the city's rich cultural tapestry. Whether you seek panoramic ocean views, exquisite dining experiences, or world-class amenities, Maputo hotels cater to every traveller's needs.

Maputo Hotels in Mozambique offer reasonably priced rooms with air-conditioning and satellite television, as well as meeting facilities, banquet halls and fitness centres for those on business trips or en route to their Mozambique holiday destination.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the city's pulsating energy - after a day of exploring Maputo's historical sites, vibrant markets, and lively streets, return to the comfort of your Maputo accommodation, where plush furnishings and modern amenities await. 

Whether you're a business traveller seeking convenience or a leisure seeker craving a touch of indulgence, Maputo hotels are a gateway to the soul of Mozambique.

See Maputo Hotels in Mozambique below.

Hotel Cardoso

For a great leisure or Mozambique 4-star hotel in Maputo, Mozambique, Hotel Cardoso has excellent facilities and views over Maputo Bay....more

Southern Sun Maputo

Located on the beautiful beachfront, Southern Sun Maputo is also centrally situated for leisure travellers wanting to explore vibrant city a...more

Polana Serena Hotel

At this Mozambique hotel you can enjoy an experience characterised by the magical mix of Colonial charm and African appeal with world-class ...more

Radisson Blu Maputo

The contemporary Radisson Blu Hotel in Maputo provides guests with the best of both worlds – a prime location on a Mozambican beach...more

Pestana Rovuma Hotel & Conference Centre

Maputo, Mozambique is a magical vibrant blend of Portuguese architecture, African ingenuity and exotic cuisine. From its African, Portuguese...more

Hotel Tivoli Maputo

Situated in the heart of the Maputo central business district, Hotel Tivoli Maputo is a 3-star hotel in Mozambique's capital - ideal for the...more

Catembe Gallery Hotel

Just 6 minutes by boat from Maputo, Catembe Gallery Hotel offers lodging in Mozambique, typical dining and conference facilities. This Mozam...more

Maputo Holiday Package

Our 3-day Maputo Holiday Package allows first-time visitors to Maputo to experience the interesting culture and traditions of this coastal c...more
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