About Mozambique

Learn more about the country of Mozambique, from its history, culture, climate, geography and customs. Everything you need to know.

FAQ - Where is Mozambique

Relatively unknown among African safari travelers, many who do not know where the country is, Mozambique lies on the Indian Ocean between the wildlife safari destination of East and Southern Africa...more

History of Northern Mozambique

The first written record of Mozambique dates from the 10th century AD, when Arab writer al-Mas'udi mentioned the town of Sofala (south of present-day Beira) and the iron-using people called the Wak Wak...more

Mozambique Beach Guide

Mozambique's 2,500 km of Indian Ocean coastline is mainly made up of empty, palm-fringed, sandy beaches where luxury Mozambique hotels...more

Mozambique History, Geography and Climate

The Bantu people settled in Mozambique about 2,000 years ago, setting up the great Mwenemutapa Empire in the centre and south of the country. By 900 AD trading links had been forged with India...more

Mozambique Travel Guide - Culture and Customs

Find out more about the culture and customs of the local people of Mozambique. What languages are spoken in Mozambique? The official language in Mozambique is Portuguese...more

Mozambique Travel Guide - Traditions and Music

Traditional ways of life are well preserved in Mozambique - varying from province to province. This cultural kaleidoscope provides visitors with a host of treasured experiences and memories...more

Mozambique's National Flag

The Mozambican Flag has been the subject of much debate as it is the only flag in the world to have a symbol of a modern weapon and as such many in the country want it to change...more

National Emblem of Mozambique

The National Emblem of Mozambique, adopted in 1990, signifies its socialist beginnings and strives to describe the resourcefulness through revolution and independence...more

Travellers Guide to Cities and Towns of Mozambique

Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, is located to the south of the country. Formerly known as Lourenco Marques, it evokes much of the atmosphere...more
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