National Emblem of Mozambique

The National Emblem of Mozambique, adopted in 1990, signifies its socialist beginnings and strives to describe the resourcefulness through revolution and independence.

It is difficult for a country that has been in two decades of civil war to reach consensus on national symbols, and when the warring factions were fighting a war of independence prior to the civil war then the stakes are even higher.

Agriculture and production plays a huge part in the national emblem, or coat of arms, as does its socialist roots.

The emblem shows a gear wheel, embraced by stalks of corn and sugarcane. A red sun in the middle sits on a map of the country, with a crossed hoe and AK-47 lying over an open book. A wreath is tied with a ribbon carrying the country name written in Portuguese.

Described in the Mozambique constitution adopted in 1990, article 194, each part of the emblem is represented by something special in the country and its history

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