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Relatively unknown among African safari travelers, many who do not know where the country is, Mozambique lies on the Indian Ocean between the wildlife safari destination of East and Southern Africa.

With an Indian Ocean shoreline stretching more than 2000 km, from South Africa to Tanzania, Mozambique is not easy to miss on a map. But due to its troubles in the past it was mostly overlooked in the greater scheme of African safaris.

This is all changing with the cessation of violence in the country in 1992, when parties in the civil war signed a peace treaty.

Located on the south-eastern seaboard on the African continent, Mozambique's shoreline meets with the warm Indian Ocean with mile upon mile of post-card perfect beaches and coves. Mozambique is bordered by South Africa and Swaziland in the south, Tanzania in the north and Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi to the west and north-west.

Mozambique is one of the largest countries in the world with a total size of more than 800 000 square kilometers. The country is cut in two by the Zambezi River which flows through the central areas to the Indian Ocean.

The country is predominantly low-lying coastal belt with plateaus and highlands to the west. The Zambezi River seems to be the dividing line between the narrow coastal belt and highlands of the north of the country and the low-lying land to the south.

Where is the Mozambique population concentrated?

The central regions of Mozambique, the provinces of Zambezia and Nampula, are the most populace, with almost 50% of the population. The southern regions, with the capital Maputo, are also fairly heavily populated. The far north of the country is the least populated due to its remoteness and vast area.

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