Mozambique Culture and Customs

Find out more about the culture and customs of the local people of Mozambique.

What languages are spoken in Mozambique?

Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in Mozambique and is used for business, education and state business. Many indigenous languages are also spoken. Most educated Mozambicans speak English.

In Maputo and many other tourist destinations in Mozambique English is widely spoken. In the northern areas of the country you will encounter languages such as Swahili. A basic knowledge of Portuguese may help facilitate communication. The following terms might be useful...

What basic words should I learn ?

  • Bon Dia (Good morning)
  • Boa Tarde (Good afternoon)
  • Obrigado (Thank you - male )
  • Obrigada (Thank you - female)
  • Pao (bread)
  • Fasce favor (Please)
  • Nao, no caro pas (No, I don't want it thank you)

What are the people like in Mozambique?

Mozambique is a country with a diverse and rich cultural heritage. The cultures and traditions of Islam, Swahili and Bantu speakers co-exist harmoniously in the country. Ethnic groups makes up a large percentage of the population, and include Shangaan, Chokwe, Manyoka, Sena and Makua.

Other cultures include Europeans, Euro-Africans and Indians. Even through the country boasts a variety of languages, social relationships, artistic traditions, Mozambicans share a common culture in their love and expression of song, poetry, dynamic dance and performance.

Another common interest is their love or soccer (football), with this sport being the nation's favourite sporting activity. The Mozambique soccer team competes regularly with other African nations and within the Portuguese speaking Soccer League, including Angola, Portugal and Brazil.

Mozambique Cultural Traditions and Music

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Cultural Events in Mozambique

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