Mozambique Travel Tips

These useful articles can assist you in planning your holiday to Mozambique. Get qualified travel tips and advice.

Best Time to Travel to Mozambique

Find out when is the best time to travel to Mozambique including climate information and the best time of year for birding, fishing and diving...more

FAQ - Mozambique Health Requirements

Do I need injections or immunizations? Please note that Mozambique is a malaria area and malarial prophylaxis is essential when traveling to this country. Please consult your doctor before your trip...more

FAQ - Mozambique Visa and Passport Requirements

What are the Visa and Passport Requirements? Mozambique and South Africans are not required to apply for visas if their stay in each other's country does not exceed 30 days...more

Mozambique Travel Guide - Top 10 Reasons to Visit

What are the top 10 Reasons to visit Mozambique? Mozambique features 2500km of pristine beachfront on the mainland and several small island paradises...more

Mozambique Travel Guide - Travelling in Mozambique

Frequently asked questions and answers about travelling in Mozambique and how to get there by road and by air. How do I get to Mozambique...more

Mozambique Travel Guide - Visas Flights Health

Read more on useful Mozambique travel tips for visitors including info on flights, visas, malaria...more

Self-drive Tips for Mozambique

Planning is one of the most important steps of a self-drive holiday. This is a rough guide of how to ensure that your vehicle is ready for a self-drive holiday in Mozambique...more

The Komatipoort Border Survival Guide

When it comes to border crossings in Africa, it helps to have your wits about you. These are some basic guidelines to help make crossing the Lebombo/Ressano Garcia Border Post...more

Useful Information Mozambique

Useful Travel Information for anyone planning to visit Mozambique. All visitors to Mozambique must have a valid passport and visa. Visas may be obtained from Mozambican embassies...more

What you should know about Mozambique

Frequently asked questions and answers about Mozambique including info about currency, time zones, climate, best time to visit, cell phone and internet access and more...more

Yoga Retreats - The 5 Best Spa Resorts in Mozambique

Mozambique is the new destination for a yoga retreat. It's a great location to escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life. With its secluded beaches, delicious food...more
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