Mozambique Beach Honeymoon

Switch out those heart-shaped chocolates and bouquets of flowers. Its travel that keeps the romance alive. Looking for some destination inspiration? Look no further than a Mozambique honeymoon.

Unforgettable Island Honeymoon

Let the bonding begin as you decide on your Mozambique honeymoon together, instead of laboriously going back and forth booking transport, activities and accommodation. We're here to create an experience sealed with the promise of exotic destinations and activities that take 'date night' to a whole new level. Think crimson sunsets bursting over the horizon, moonlit nights over the shimmering Indian Ocean and meals shared under a blanket of stars. 

As for your days spent together, picture walking hand in hand along the untouched, shimmering coastline, while the clink of ice in your cocktail glasses calls for a 'cheers' of you new favourite memories. Our exclusive collection of Mozambique beach-based resorts and lodges will have you and your loved one swooning with excitement. 

While Mozambique's mainland will reward you both with some exquisite beach destinations along Vilanculos and Inhambane Coastline, for the ultimate in understated Mozambique honeymoon romance, nothing beats an exclusive experience on one of the tropical islands found scattered off its coast. 

As the saying goes, two is company; three is a crowd. In Mozambique, you and your loved one have two archipelagos to choose from...

Bazaruto Archipelago

Say "yes" to the five shimmering islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago that await you just off the southern coast of Mozambique. Its Portuguese influences form the backdrop to days spent frolicking in the warm tropical waters and strolling along those footprint-free shorelines.

Dine of platters of freshly caught seafood in your own secluded accommodation with zero distractions. Both Benguerra and Bazaruto, two of the larger islands, offer some of the most luxurious Mozambique accommodation for honeymoon couples.

Add a Little Honeymoon Fun...

Don't let the pristine coral reefs that fringe both archipelagoes go to waste. They are teeming with marine life and make for an incredible shared experience on a snorkelling, or scuba diving trip in Mozambique. There's a wide range of activities across the islands to get your hearts beating faster, such as a paddle on a kayak built for two, or a sunset cruise aboard an authentic dhow sailboat.

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