Top 10 Mozambique Travel Experiences

Wondering what to do while on a beach holiday in Mozambique? Here are 10 of our Top experiences to enjoy in the region. They range from the relaxing to the adventurous!

Here are some of the best things to do in Mozambique. Lists like this are always subjective, and many people will have their own favourites. So here in no particular order are some great ideas of what to do while on holiday in Mozambique.


The coastline of Mozambique has some of the most intact reef ecosystems in the World and you can enjoy some spectacular diving in Pemba, Tofo, Pomene and the Quirimbas Islands. Swim with Whale Sharks and Manta rays from September to February. See many endangered species of turtle and perhaps if you are very lucky see a very rare Dugong.

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Eating Local Seafood

Mozambique is known to have some of the best seafood in the World and is famous for the dish Peri-peri prawns. One of the best things you can do on your holiday is sample a number of the local dishes. Most of the dishes along the coast are based around seafood, and are often spicy.

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Ilha de Mozambique

This island just off the coast of mainland Mozambique was a major trading port for many centuries and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island is about 3km long and 500 meters wide. There are many historic sites on the island, including the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, which was built in 1522 and is considered to be the oldest European building in the Southern Hemisphere. There is a 16th Century Stone Fort, Historic hospital (one the largest south of the Sahara and many other interesting buildings for those interested in history.

Maputo Central Market

The Central Market in Maputo is unique and showcases the melting pot of cultures that have influenced Mozambique. The market is huge about the length of 6 football pitches and is a bit run down. Despite this there is a vast range of things for sale from vegetables and fresh seafood and spices to curios, home appliances and vibrant carpets. The market is well worth a visit and is a great way to engage with the locals. You can haggle with the vendors and get great bargains. Leave your valuables behind and keep your money concealed as there can be pick-pockets.

Cocktails at the Polana Hotel

The grand old dame of African hotels - in its heyday the Polana was the place where the rich and famous went on holiday. The Polana Hotel has been beautifully restored and is a wonderful place to stay in Maputo. It is quite pricy however, so if you cannot afford to spend the night, then why not go for cocktails and soak up some of the atmosphere. The Aquarius Sushi Bar offers sweeping views over Maputo Bay. They have lunchtime Sushi Buffet as well as other light meals. They are renowned for their tropical cocktails - the perfect sundowners to sip on while admiring the view across the bay.

Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Experience the thrill of swimming with totally wild dolphins out in the Indian Ocean. These excursions take place from Ponta do Ouro in southern Mozambique. You will be accompanied by researchers who have been studying the dolphins for years. Learn about how intelligent and playful these mammals are. Some of the dolphins are very friendly and will even let you touch them.

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Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa is considered to be one of Africa's "Lost Eden's". The park has suffered heavy poaching through the years of civil war, but during the times of peace the park has been going through a restoration project over the last decade and is thriving once more. You can see many antelope, as well as predators and a diverse birdlife.

Sailing in a Traditional Dhow

Dhows are traditional sail boats that have been one of the main forms of transport up and down the African coast for centuries. Set out on sailing trips to the beautiful islands that lie off the coast. Go snorkelling and discover the beauty of the reefs before climbing aboard and setting sail for another island.

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Romantic Horse rides on the Beach

Experience the thrill of cantering along the endless stretches of sandy white beaches while the Sun slips below the Ocean and the sky is drenched in beautiful hues. These horse rides are one of the most romantic activities offered in Mozambique. They are available from many different spots along the coast. The horses are usually well trained and even novice riders can enjoy this activity.

Big Game Fishing

The words Mozambique and Big Game Fishing are almost synonymous with each other. The waters off the coast of Mozambique offer some of the greatest variety and abundance of big game fish. There is good fishing year round though Tuna, Marlin and Wahoo all have their seasons. Most of the fishing takes place on a tag and release basis.

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