The Magic of a Dhow Safari in Mozambique

Sail the Indian Ocean on a Dhow Safari as you follow ancient Arabic trade routes around the beautiful islands of Mozambique.

Dhow sailing is a wonderful way to sightsee and explore one of the most untouched tropical locations on earth. African, Arabic and Portuguese traditions combine in an intriguing cultural mix, adding an exotic element to your romantic Dhow Safari.

Your holiday will be filled with sun, sea and sand. Imagine crystal clear turquoise waters teeming with marine life, dazzling beaches and uninhabited islands - the very essence of paradise. A Mozambique Dhow Safari combines adventure, history and culture. Life moves at a leisurely pace and there will be time to truly relax.

What is a Dhow?

Dhow sailing is one of the oldest and most traditional ways of getting around along the East African coast. A Dhow is a traditional Arabian boat; its distinctive features include lateen sails and stitched construction. The hull boards are sewn together with fibres, thongs or cords.

Chartering of Dhows took place from as early as 600 AD in Mozambique waters and they were the main method of transport on the Indian Ocean until the Portuguese arrived in the 15th Century with their large ships.

Dhow Sailing

Dhows are still in use today along this coastline and have become a delightful feature in many visitors' itineraries, whether it is for a daily excursion or an extended sailing holiday roaming around the most breathtaking parts of this remote area. Daytime excursions are available from many beach resorts, but Dhow Safaris are offered in the Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelagos.

Your Dhow guide or crew will take you on a journey of discovery. Typical activities include romantic beach picnics and sundowners, island-hopping, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming with Dolphins, as well as a variety of land based excursions.

On some Dhow Safaris you sleep on board rocking gently with the waves, while others offer tented camping on deserted islands or a mix of accommodation such as historic colonial hotels, beautiful beach lodges and camping as you sail around from place to place. Most Dhow Safaris are fully catered with great food and attentive service.

Dhow Safari Highlights

  • Snorkelling and diving - swim through magnificent coral gardens
  • See amazing marine life and birds
  • Explore wild frontiers and historic sites
  • Hike island trails
  • Climb sand dunes
  • Stroll around colourful markets and interact with friendly communities
  • Eat mouth watering seafood and tropical dishes cooked for you on an open fire

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