Swim with Dolphins in Mozambique

Imagine swimming side by side with these calm and friendly creatures! Southern Mozambique is a premier destination for life-enhancing encounters with Dolphins.

Swim facilitators will guide you on a magical journey where the opportunity for gaining peace of mind and well-being is yours for the asking.

When you submerge underwater you enter a truly serene world. Mozambique's crystal clear ocean depths provide the perfect environment for humans and Dolphins to socially engage. Dolphins are curious and playful - their exquisite movements and amusing behaviour are a joy to behold. Swimmers often feel contentment on a deep level after an encounter.

Experiences and Benefits

Just being in the water with Dolphins, living in the moment and feeling a sense of connectedness, inspires sheer wonder in many people. The sonar frequencies that the Dolphin's emit can be clearly felt and heard. These waves of echolocation are high enough to alter cellular structures and bring about a positive state of well-being.

Swimmers often enter a type of meditation or wakened-dream state which is extremely relaxing - their stresses and strains simply float away. Endorphins in the human body are released and a sort of energy transfer occurs between the swimmers and Dolphins, creating a sense of joy and oneness.

A wide range of conditions such as ADD, Down's syndrome and Autism are said to be positively affected when swimming with Dolphins. People suffering from depression, insomnia and muscular dystrophy or those with disabilities may also benefit.


Under the guidance of a swim facilitator, you will be led as a group to a Dolphin pod. If the pod behaviour is open to interaction then the Dolphins may swim up and around you in a circular and playful motion - just float, feel the energy and enjoy the dance. Touching the Dolphins is against the law and therefore not permitted. If, when your group leader approaches the pod and the Dolphins demonstrate avoidance, the swim facilitator will leave the pod alone.

Places to swim with Dolphins

Different species of Dolphin can be seen in Mozambique waters including the shy Indo-Pacific Humpback and the beautiful Spinner Dolphin. Encounters often occur with the curious inshore Bottlenose Dolphin.

With its endless white beaches and clear blue waters, Mozambique provides the perfect destination for a getaway. Guided programmes for swimming with Dolphins take place in Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli. These resorts are close to the South African border.

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