The Mozambique Coast

Mozambique has the longest stretch of Indian Ocean coastline in Africa with arguably the most unspoiled beachfront. Miles of unexplored and often unnamed beaches make this a destination of note for adventurers and eco-tourists.

While the lack of development is a top attraction for many, Mozambique also now has its fair share of exotic and luxury resorts for the discerning traveller looking for something new and off the beaten track. If you want to explore the hustle of the city and its culture then Maputo and maybe Beira will give you a glimpse into why these destinations were so popular before the civil war which ended in 1992.The coastline extends along 2 600km (1 616 miles) from Tanzania to South Africa. There are 10 provinces in the country and all but 3 of them are on the coast. The coastline is dotted with many fishing villages and now with civil war a thing of the past, various towns and cities are putting themselves on the map from a tourism point of view.


Although tourism infrastructure has a long way to go in many areas, the rural and historic atmosphere plus the natural charm of the local people is a major attraction. Just caught fish cooked right on the beach, fabulous seafood dishes and snorkelling in azure seas rich with marine life, create unforgettable memories for families and individual travellers on a Mozambique holiday.

The Indian Ocean hosts nearly one third of the world's coral reefs and visitors can explore these hidden depths on scuba diving excursions and glass bottom boats. Pristine marine reserves and national parks such as the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos are maintained through their protective status.

Coastal Overview

Mozambique has a World Heritage Site in Nampula Province - Mozambique Island (Ilha de Mozambique). UNESCO declared this site in 1992, mostly because the main village was built out of a coral reef in a unique style of architecture. Although its beauty has faded and is slowly being restored, this magical place has many historic buildings and is quite fascinating.Cabo Delgado Province has magnificent white sands and a number of stunning spots to visit. The beach Praia das Chocas is popular for people from the inland areas, but recently the town of Pemba has come to the fore, attracting international flight connections.

With very little industry and almost no pollution, the crystalline beaches and untouched coral reefs are top attractions. This is also the nearest connecting city for travel to the Quirimbas Archipelago

Another superb beach hotspot with an airport is Vilanculos - it is the only destination fully accessible to all types of vehicles and the jump off point for connections to the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Some excellent coral reefs can be found in Gaza Province near Xai-Xai and Praia do Chongoene. Surfing is reputed to be the best at Praia de Maceneta in Maputo Province. Great southern beach resorts that are close to the South African border include Ponta Mamoli and Ponta Malongane.

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