Mozambique Islands Guide

Mozambique boasts a number of islands and archipelagos, with pristine beaches and abundant marine life.

The unrivalled beauty of Mozambique islands make it worth each moment spent on the untarred roads of the mainland. Think white beaches fringed with palm and mango trees, shocking blue seas filled with flamboyant fish, green turtles, whale sharks and dugongs.

This is just the place to put your feet up, sip cocktails, tuck into a fresh seafood beach dinner sail into the sunset on a traditional dhow.

Best Time to Travel

These Mozambique islands are warm, sunny and pleasant all year round but expect it to be drier and cooler during the months of April and September. The most optimal time to travel to the Mozambique islands is during the dry season - which runs from May to November.

From October to March is when temperatures are their hottest will more humidity. Expect more rain during this time too on the mainland. If you are looking at traveling in January or February expect better rates but plenty of rain as this is officially the cyclone season in the Indian Ocean (January to March).

Bazaruto Island - Bazaruto Archipelago

A world-class diving hotspot, a honeymoon haven and wild and spectacular beach getaway – Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago ticks many boxes. 

Declared a national park in 2000, the archipelago offers some of the best dive sites in the world with the opportunity to view rare dugong, green turtles seahorses, manta rays and whale sharks being regular visitors to the reef. 

Not only is the Bazaruto Archipelago ideal for sunbaking on endless beaches and sipping cocktails at sunset the archipelago offers an excellent variety of water- and land-based activities add a bit of spice to your ocean experience.

This is the “it” place for first-timers or experienced divers looking for a new favorite dive spot. After a dive, explore the untouched beaches and soak up that laid-back island living. Bazaruto Island is the perfect addition to your Southern African safari. 

Find your room with a view at Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort

Benguerra Island: Bazaruto Archipelago

Untouched and pristine, this tropical island paradise is located just off the coast of Mozambique. It boasts national park it known as the second biggest island within the Bazaruto Archipelago. 

This island boasts just over 140 bird species which call the  forests, wetlands and lakes their home. The warm waters brim with colourful and eye-catching corals. There are plenty activities to keep you having fun for days--set sail on a traditional Dhow boat, enjoy a dive in the warm, clear water. Don your snorkel mask, or take part in an epic deep sea fishing adventure.

There are no huge resorts located here, but rather, there are two luxurious lodges and Mozambique villas which open right onto the silky sand and gin-clear waters of the indian Ocean at Benguerra Island Lodge and Azura Benguerra Island

Medjumbe Island - Quirimbas Archipelago

If you’re still deciding whether to visit the Quirimbas, here’s some extra info to help you make up your mind.

These beautiful 32 white atolls range in size from tiny coral sandbars to larger inhabited islands, fringed by dense mangroves and the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean. 

Vamizi and Quilalea are listed among the top diving spots in the world with 350 species of tropical fish calling the pristine reef home, as well as those majestic humpback whales, green turtles and even the enigmatic dugong.

Spend your days at leisure exploring numerous coves and picnicing on the nearby island of Quissanga. There is even a small airstrip located here as well as accommodation is available in luxurious chalets situated directly on the beach at Anantara Medjumbe Island Retreat

Please note Medjumbe Island is temporarily closed.

Quilalea Island - Quirimbas Archipelago

Located just south of Ibo Island, lies Quilalea Island. This tiny tropical beach heaven is completely untouched and bereft of tourist. While staying here, you will feel like you have the entire place to yourself.

The Quilalea Sanctuary located here was established at the first marine protected area in the Quirimbas. Expect a plethora of marine life in the surrounding ocean. Beds of dazzling coral reefs just a few steps from the main beach will beckon you to bring your mask and snorkel to go explore. Besides snorkelling and scuba diving, Quilalea is ideal for long, leisurely strolls along the beach.

To get here, you can take a helicopter transfer from Pemba and make yourself at home in one of the villas at Azura Quilalea Private Island

Please note Quilalea Island is temporarily closed.

Ibo Island - Quirimbas Archipelago

Ibo Island old world appeal, hidden on the edge of the Quirimbas Archipelago. I consists of one of a string of 32 islands that stretch for one hundred kilometres. It captures a way life that has been lived for more than a thousand years.

Ibo Island also features a fascinating history of slaves, pirates and ivory trading. This small, forested island is understandably the most visited part of the Quirimbas Archipelago, and has recently been nominated for World Heritage status.

Travel back in time by staying at Ibo Island Lodge. The island has a rich history of Arab and Portuguese occupation is reflected in the buildings, decor and cuisine at the lodge. The main building, guest rooms and villa are spread across manicured gardens brimming with bougainvillea and palms. 

Please note Ibo Island is temporarily closed.

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