Southern Mozambique Dive Sites

Mozambique has many exciting dive sites to explore. Divers of all levels will find lots to see and experience in Southern Mozambique. This coastline is popular for visitors travelling north from South Africa as the resorts are quite close to the border.

Maputo Province

Ponto Do Ouro, Ponta Malongane Ponta Mamoli, Inhaca Island

Whale Shark sightings are very good especially in season from October to March in the Ponto do Ouro area. Other marine life that can be seen along this coast include Dolphins, Sharks, rays and Manta Rays, Barracuda, Lionfish, Scorpion Fish and sea turtles. There are no major rivers emptying into the sea along this stretch of coast, so the visibility is great with a range of between 25 and 40 metres (up to 131 feet).

North of Ponto Do Ouro, the reefs around Ponta Malongane are quite unexplored, so you are sure to enjoy exciting dives. Ponta Mamoli is less developed than the other areas; it's further up the coast and quite secluded with diving on exclusive reefs. Inhaca Island is just off the coast near Maputo and easily accessed from the capital city by boat or air with great reef diving.

Ponto do Ouro

Atlantis (Lego Land) is a deep dive and only suitable for advanced divers. The average depth is about 35 metres (114 feet). There are big square boulders, a couple of drop offs and an overhang before the sandy bottom to explore. Expect to see Eagle Rays, reef sharks and game fish.

Doodles in Ponta Bay has a depth range of up to 18 metres (59 feet) and features caves and sink holes. It is a good dive for those who have qualified and done some diving at Open Water level. You'll see Potato Bass, Frog Fish, Dusky Sweepers, Lion Fish and Cleaner Shrimp to mention a few.

Checkers in Ponta Bay is a big horseshoe shaped ridge with a depth of 18 metres (59 feet) that would suit Open Water divers. You could see Morays, sea turtles, Clownfish in the anemones also Parrot Fish and Golden Kingfish amongst others.

Steps is also in Ponta Bay and is good for Open Water divers with drift experience. It's a narrow reef with small caves and overhangs. The average depth is about 15 metres (49 feet). Keep a look out for schools of fish such as Red Fang Triggers, also Morays and Nudibranchs. This dive leads into Steves

Ledge with its plate coral, ledges and gullies where you'll see Clownfish, Trumpet Fish and Grouper.

Creche in Ponta Bay is suitable for novices and Open Water divers. The average depth is about 11 metres (36 feet) with 2 ridges side by side that can be explored. Marine life is varied and you could see Chocolate Dips, Paper Fish and Blue Banded Snappers.

Bread Loaf is a simple dive reaching depths of up to 15 metres (49 feet) where you'll see lots of plate coral in the coral garden, reef sharks in season, Angel Fish and Snappers.

Ponta Malongane

Cloudbreak is a long flat coral reef busy with sharks and game fish plus all the usual suspects seen on a deep dive. Depths can reach up to 45 metres (147 feet) so this dive is for advanced divers with deep experience in unpredictable currents.

The 3 Sisters is just off the point and reaches a depth of 26 metres (85 feet). There are 3 big boulders, an overhang and a cleaning station to have a look for those with advanced Open Water training. Shrimp life is good and you could also spot Surgeon Fish, Long Nose Hawk Fish and even Giant Honeycomb Moray.

Aquarium can also be accessed from Ponta do Ouro and offers abundant marine life, corals and a cleaning station. The topography is rocky and best for advanced Open Water divers able to handle depths of about 24 metres (78 feet).

Waynes World has a great swim through and plenty of coral. You'll see Frog Fish and Potato Bass, Rays and King Fish to name a few. Depths reach 29 metres (95 feet) so advanced divers only.

Maverick has a huge boulder and there is lots of hard and soft coral to see. Eels are plentiful and you'll see Frog Fish, Scorpion Fish and Nudibranchs. Depths can reach 28 metres (91 feet) so this is an advanced dive.

Kevs Ledge is only for advanced divers with good drift experience. There will be slow changes in depth and multiple levels to adjust to while exploring a series of widely spaced ridges with different features. Average depth is 24 metres (78 feet). There is a cleaning station and plenty of marine life.

Anchor is wonderful during Whale season as you can hear the sounds they emit. This attractive reef is full of hidey holes amongst the hard and soft corals. You could spot Yellowback Fusilier, Trigger Fish and Angel Fish. This is an advanced level dive to 21 metres in depth (68 feet)

Texas is a shallow dive site with an extensive reef and lots of soft coral. You'll find lots of interesting features and gullies to explore as well as big variety of fish. This is an Open Water Drift dive with depths of up to 16 metres (52 feet).

Shallow Malongane reaches depths of 17 metres (55 feet) and is suitable for Open Water divers. The reef runs along the inside of Malongane Bay and features plenty of hard and soft coral with juvenile fish and Rays hovering over the sandy patches.

Ponta Mamoli

Bass City for advanced divers is wonderful if you want to see plenty of fish. The series of algae-covered rocky outcrops attract an amazing array of marine life including friendly Potato Bass. Other fish to dazzle you are Devil Fire Fish, Lion Fish, juvenile Boxfish, Harlequin Shrimp and Leopard Shark to name a few. There are plenty of cleaning stations, some boulders, overhangs and also an intriguing sandy floor alive with various types of Rays. The average depth is 20 metres (65 feet).

Pinnacles can also be accessed from Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane. It's strictly for advanced drift divers only with shark encounters and exhilarating depths being the features. The average depth is 35 metres (114 feet) while exploring the north and south pinnacles. Look out for Pallette Surgeonfish, Sapphirina, Comb Jellies, Rays, Hammerhead and Zambezi Sharks.

Playground offers an abundant and diverse range of marine life - wonderful for a night dives and shallow dives in good conditions for Open Water divers. There is a central cave and also other nooks and crannies. The depth is 12 metres (39 feet) and you could see Fusiliers, Soldierfish and Big Eye Stumpnose also Honeycomb Stingrays and Sand Sharks, brilliant Nudibranchs as well as hard and soft corals.

Idols is close to Playground. It has a depth of 15 metres (39 feet) and a number of rocky outcrops and sand patches which are favoured by Rays. Look out for Blaasops, Pufferfish and Porcupine Fish, Potato Bass and Red Fang Triggers. Open Water divers will enjoy this dive.

Ampitheatre is a sandy patch ringed round with coral and rocky walls, ledges and little hidey holes. Look out for Angel Fish, Trumpet Fish and Rays, also Goby and Partner Shrimp. This dive is suitable for Open Water divers with drift experience in depths up to 19 metres (62 feet) in strong currents.

Deep Purple is a relatively new find and features a long deep rocky reef with ledges and sandy alcoves teeming with fish such as Rock Salmon, Lizardfish and eels. The maximum depth is 28 metres (91 feet) making this dive suitable for advanced divers with drift experience.

Mushroom features a beautiful coral garden in pristine condition. It's a stunning scenic and shallow reef for advanced divers with drift experience. You can explore pinnacles, rock formations, gullies and overhangs in a maximum depth of 14 metres (45 feet). Look out for King Fish and Flame Goatfish, Painted Rock Lobsters, many anemones and clams.

Paradise is an extensive reef rising out of the sand with coral gardens, rugged features and Cleaner Shrimp stations. When the current is strong, drift experience is need for Open Water divers in depths of up to 14 metres (45 feet). Marine life includes Blue Razor Wrasse, Coral Rockcod, Lemonfish, Honeycombe Moray Eels, sea turtles and Rays

G-Spot is a world class dive with magnificent variations in colour and contrast in 2 amphitheatres. You'll spot all kinds of Rays, Potato Bass, Sea Goldies, Yellow and Blue Banded Snappers, Scorpion Fish and Coachman to name a few. This is an advanced Open Water dive best done when there is little current in the 24 metre depth (78 feet).

Boulders is an impressive coral garden with big boulder shaped rocks and a ship's anchor on the sandy bottom - not to be missed by advanced Open Water divers. Keep a look out for Longnose Hawkfish, Malabar Bass and Marbled Electric Rays as well as great varieties of schooling fish in depths of up to 30 metres (98 feet).

Inhaca Island

This island is a quick hop from Maputo by boat or plane. Enjoy great diving at Inhaca on unspoiled reefs. You'll see beautiful Staghorn and Plate corals. You could also go shark diving and wreck diving. Marine life includes Moray Eels, Potato Bass, Kingfish and big schools of Barracuda. You may even see Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in summer season. Maximum dive depths can reach up to 30 metres (59 feet), but the average is about 18 metres (59 feet).

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