Pomene and Morrungulo
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This tranquil area is located between Vilanculos and Maxixe. It is at least 3 hours from the nearest main road and offers pristine reefs and beaches. There are about more than 10 dive sites and you are likely to see Manta Rays on every reef.

Inhambane Province

Pomene and Morrungulo

Rappies Playstation has a busy horseshoe shaped cleaning station. With depths of about 20 metres (65 feet) there are many caves and swim throughs to discover. Marine life includes Manta Rays, garden eels and small shark species.

Trojans Gauntlet is an exciting open water reef with a pinnacle in the shape of a horse's head and wonderful topography. Many Manta Rays can be seen in the depths which reach 18 metres (59 feet).

Big Surprise or Zambezi Reef reaches 18 metres (59 feet) in depth and has very little current. There is a big rocky outcrop to explore and you'll see a wide variety of marine life and lots of sharks.

Pinnacle Reef at 28 metres (91 feet) is where you can see large Yellow Black coral and Hawkfish and Bay Ledge at 26 metres (85 feet), offers Sail Fish and a Manta cleaning station.

Robs Ridge can reach depths of 15 metres (49 feet) and is suitable for Open Water divers with drift experience and up. The ridge runs alongside the coast and is full of corals and tropical fish. On the outside you'll find lots of places for Moray Eels and Skates.

Zambia Shoal is a great place to see game fish like Marlin, Sail Fish and Wahoo. The depth can reach about 26 metres (85 feet) and the dive is suitable for Open Water level and up.

Pension is another open water reef with depths of 15 metres (49 feet) where you can see Scorpion Fish, Devil Rays and Eagle Rays.

The Hand is another interesting reef with a unique hand-shaped rock formation.

Sleepy Hollow is so named because of a cave on the reef where a Bull Shark tends to linger. The reef has an average depth of about 10 metres (32 feet).

Baixo Sylvia Reef at Morrungulo runs parallel to the beach for quite a distance. The maximum depth can reach 25 metres (82 feet). Dive qualifications could vary depending on how deep the dive is, but generally Open Water upwards. The reef has a fossilised stone bed with gullies and small drop offs with plentiful reef fish. Another associated reef is New Years Reef with similar features.

Caves and Overhangs is an inshore dive at Morrungulo. Novices and more experienced divers can enjoy this reef with its caves and rocky islands teeming with reef fish. The maximum depth is 12 metres (39 feet).

Jakes Crack is also accessed from Morrungulo and suitable for advanced divers. The reef forms part of the continental shelf so expect dramatic topography, lots of reef sharks and a maximum depth of 32 metres (104 feet).

King Deep at Morrungulo is good for beginners and more experienced divers with depths reaching about 40 metres (131 feet). It's on the continental shelf so there will be some dramatic sights, shelves, outcrops and gullies. Look out for Hammerheads and big Potato and Brindle Bass.

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