Quirimbas Archipelago
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Sun drenched islands, powder white sand and pristine reefs that have yet to be truly explored are what you'll find in the Quirimbas Archipelago.

You can be among the first to see this exquisite underwater world in the Quirimbas National Park. These dive sites are some of the tantalizing suggestions for divers on a Mozambique holiday.

Cabo Delgado Province

Quirimbas Archipelago

Zala Bank has breathtaking topography and dizzy drop offs. The huge sand bank is covered in fabulous hard and soft corals teeming with reef fish and reef sharks, while in the depths you'll see visitors from the deep blue.

Matemo Channel and Rush Hour. In the Channel you can investigate gentle slopes and little ridges covered in coral and sandy patches alive with marine life. Rush Hour is a very popular site and called this because of the many schools of game fish that favour this area. You can dive to depths of about 14 metres (45 feet) or more and be blown away by the variety of life there.

Rolas Island has a number of shallow coral gardens on its southern peninsula which are very good for novices and those learning to dive. Opportunities for underwater photography are excellent. Reef fish are abundant and you could even see the elusive Pipe Fish, as well as Nudibranchs, Crocodile Fish and many more.

Ibo Island is delightful destination in itself - steeped in history it also has some wonderful dive sites. There is a small wall with many overhangs and a sloping sandy bottom - depths can reach about 18 metres (59 feet). Keep a look out for a huge variety of reef fish, large schools of fish like Spanish Mackerel, reef sharks and Rays.

Quilalea Island is a remote but spectacular destination with pristine, untouched reefs full of coral and teeming with fish. The dive sites cater for all levels, from the house reef and a unique night dive location, to Montepuez Channel and Saint Lazarus Bank - there are at least 17 dive sites to choose from. Marine life is abundant with Hump Back Whales in season.

Matemo Island has access to around 7 dive sites (including Rush Hour) with a range of depths to suit different skill levels and even an exciting wreck dive. In any case the sites are rich with beautiful corals and amazing marine life.

Vamizi Island showcases exciting drop offs and stunning corals on a truly healthy reef system. Dive sites include one of the best in world, Neptune's Arm, a spectacular coral garden which leads to a dramatic cliff where you'll see masses of fish. A variety of excellent dive sites cater for all skill levels.

Medjumbe Island - Dive sites around this beautiful island yield an abundance of marine life and stunning coral reefs. In season you could see Humpback Whales passing by on their annual migration route. There are about 12 about dive sites, 6 in the north and 6 in the south - here are some suggestions to begin with:

Cliffs of Insanity (north) is definitely for advanced divers as the depths range from 25 to 40 metres (up to 131 feet). You'll see plenty of Barracuda and be able to explore lots of ledges and overhangs at this vertical wall site.

Lauras Leap (north) is a really deep channel and only for advanced divers. Nearby is another dive site with a vertical wall and plenty of overhangs and ledges which drop down into the depths below.

Rocha Rocks offers plenty of plant and fish life and can be enjoyed by intermediate divers with depths of up to 30 metres (98 feet) being possible.

Sambi Sambi has depths of up to 40 metres (131 feet) with a steep drop off of about 80 metres (262 feet) on the eastern edge. This reef can be exposed when there is a low spring tide.

The Edge of Reason is only for advanced divers as there is a vertical wall (up to 25 metres / 82 feet) which on the southern side leads into the deep Medjumbe Passage.

The Far Side is a sloping reef which can be dived up to 25 metres (82 feet). It's a hard coral reef that is exposed when there is a high spring tide.

Quirimbas Archipelago

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