Northern Mozambique Dive Sites in Nacala Bay

The reefs in northern Mozambique are known to be quite different from those in the south - you'll see plenty of corals and fish life in these waters which are warm year round.

Exciting night dives can set off directly from the beautiful wide beach. Here are some suggestions:

Nampula Province

Nacala Bay

Bonito Reef has a maximum depth of 32 metres (104 feet) and can be dived according to experience levels from Open Water and up. There are coral gardens at the start which lead to sandy banks and rocky outcrops. Tropical fish abound but keep a look out for Leaf Fish, Ribbon Eels and Anglers.

Stables has a strong current and a depth of up to 34 metres (111 feet), so advanced divers only here. You'll find some boulders and some sort of freshwater outlet which is like a magnet for marine life. There are lots of seahorses, Lion Fish, eels and Crocodile Fish amongst others.

The Wall is a very deep dive (up to 50 metres / 164 feet) so only for those with advanced deep diving experience. There is a slope thick with coral which leads to a wall and swim through. All the big stuff can be seen in these depths.

The Point reaches up to 45 metres in depth (147 feet) and suits an experience level of Open Water and up depending on how deep you go. You'll see Stingrays, sea turtles and Groupers while swimming over sloped coral leading to dramatic drop offs.

Pinnacle caters for Open Water divers and up in depths of up to 35 metres (114 feet). You'll find a circular sloping reef in a deep bay that attracts game fish like Barracuda and also bottom dwellers like Frog Fish.

Nemos is an excellent shore dive for all levels up to 20 metres (65 feet). The site is a gradual slope with lots of coral where you'll see fabulous fish varieties - all kinds of Nudibranchs, Triggers, Ghost Pipe Fish, Frog Fish and more. Great for photography!

Paradise Reef is a great all rounder for all diver levels. It's a superb coral garden with plenty of fish life in the shallower areas. You'll see Damsels, Goldies, Chocolate Dips, Crayfish and Boa Snappers to name a few.

Napala Drop-Off is a prime spot inside the bay and suitable for Open Water and up depending on the depths dived. Maximum depth is 45 metres (147 feet) amongst huge cliffs where you could see a Sun Fish.

Baobab Point is really for advanced tech divers in vast depths of up to 90 metres (295 feet) and beyond following a chain of mountains. This is a likely spot for viewing Sun Fish.

Melala and Mutiva are really unexplored and there has been some stripping of corals going on. The depth is about 18 metres (59 feet) and currents can be strong for drift divers. It's full of reef fish and features shallow coral gardens, sandy banks and rocky outcrops further down. This can be dived by Open Water divers and up.

Djidji and Jeppa Bay are for advanced divers in depths of up to 35 metres (114 feet). Djidji is an extension of Melala and Mutiva, and Jeppa lies opposite it. You'll find beautiful coral gardens, sand banks and rocky outcrops - Jeppa is particularly special with pristine corals and wonderful visibility.

Relanzapo consists of 2 ledges running parallel to the shore; one is double the depth of the other (maximum 24 metres / 78 feet in all). It's suitable for advanced divers experienced in strong currents and open blue diving. Look out for King Mackeral, Wahoo and Tuna while exploring the rocky outcrops, sandy banks and coral gardens - wonderful visibility in the open.

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