Location of Catembe Gallery Hotel in Maputo

The Catembe Gallery Hotel is situated right on the beach in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is a magnet for South African tourists, particularly people from areas like Gauteng who never see the sea. Hotels in the city like the Catembe Gallery Hotel offer serene views of Maputo Bay. The Maputo Elephant Reserve, south of the city, is another traditional tourist attraction.

In Maputo city the shops and the central market, Bazar Central, are full of goods and are great for curio shopping.

The Incomati is the most important river in the Maputo province of Mozambique. Others are the Umbeluzi, Tembe, Matola, Maputo and Futi. In the rainy season, between November and March, temperatures in Maputo can rise to 40 C degrees. They drop to below 20 C in July and August.

The Catembe Gallery Hotel provides ferries from the Maputo side to the hotel on a regular basis. The boat is named 'Marisol' and is a catamaran with 2 outboard engines and 22 comfortable seats. The boat is located in the Maputo Marina (Escola Nautica), downtown the Mozambican capital. There is a signboard in the marina, mentioning the hours of departure and the next scheduled trips.

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