Mozambique Travel Guide to Inhambane

Inhambane aerial view of Barra Beach Club.

Your useful travel guide to Inhambane in Southern Mozambique

By air and by road. Regular vehicles are fine but some areas and lodges require a 4x4 for access
Inhambane Airport
Historic city and buildings; estuary and beach attractions; diving and watersport haven; great choice of resorts in a variety of settings
Scuba diving and snorkelling; all kinds of watersports; fishing and charters; dhow trips, boating and cruises; horse riding; quad bike trails; beach walks and picnics; whale watching in season
Regular dive trips; fishing charters; Pomene Bay; game parks and reserves
Inhambane Accommodation Options
See accommodation along the Inhambane Coastline including Inhambane, Barra and Tofo.

Inhambane (pronounced 'Inyambaan')

The experience:

Inhambane in Mozambique is an attractive city, steeped in history and surrounded by coconut palms and magnificent beaches. The architecture and atmosphere reflect a diverse and exciting past stretching back to the 11th century. Muslim and Persian traders visited here as did Vasco da Gama in the late 1500s. The port of Inhambane also later became a major centre for ivory and slave trade as well as whaling. This area is now one of the few in southern Mozambique where the last remaining Dugong can be seen.

This Mozambique city is about 469km (291 miles) from Maputo and today, visitors will find a busy centre with an airport and harbour as well as banks, petrol stations, shops, markets and sidewalk cafés. Inhambane is situated on a bay and visitors can enjoy a drink at the harbour and watch the dhows (local sailing boats) sail back and forth to Maxixe (pronounced "Masheesh"). It is the main centre for stunning resorts and beaches nearby such as Tofo and Barra. The dry winter months in southern Mozambique, lasting from from April to October, are good times to visit when the temperatures are milder.

Interesting sites:

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Conception; the Governers House; the museum; the mosque; Mercado Central Market for fresh produce, fish, spices and cashew nuts.

Fabulous beaches near Inhambane:

Tofo in Mozambique has superb diving and surfing available with PADI centres supplying regular dive trips - see Manta Rays regularly and Whale Sharks in season. Fishing is also popular or visitors can just relax on the beaches and at the restaurants or try a variety of exciting watersports.

The Barra Peninsula is great for honeymooners and for a family holiday in Mozambique. It offers wonderful beaches on one side and an estuary on the other. Great diving, snorkelling, watersports and fishing to be found here.

The Linga Linga Peninsula, for a relaxing escape, has an estuary and beaches, watersports and fishing available although it is only accessible by boat or 4x4 transfers. There are many popular watersport, dive and holiday resorts in Mozambique accessible by 4x4 vehicles or transfers.

Day trips:

4x4 enthusiasts can head north along the coast over the Tropic of Capricorn to explore beautiful Pomene Bay and its mangroves. It boasts dune forests and marine life. Strike out west for Banhine National Park in Mozambique (a totally undeveloped area with 2 of the Big Five) and Limpopo National Park (Big Five) near Massingir Dam.

Local Lingo

Bitonga is only spoken around Inhambane area and has about 200 000 speakers. Practice these useful phrases:

  • Thank you - Nhibongile (knee-bong-eela)
  • Good Morning - Nugodio (hoo-gee-dee)
  • Good Afternoon - Mihani (Mee-haani)
  • Good Evening - Wadsigo (waad-see-go)
  • How are you - Whuhadi ( Hoo-waadi)
  • Beach - Phwani (pwa-aani)
  • Sell - Rengisi (ren geesa)
  • Money - Tsapawu (za-pow-oo)
  • How Much ? - Kharini (ca-ree-nee)
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