Location of Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa, Pemba
Mozambique, Pemba Coastline

This beach hotel and spa is located near the peaceful town of Pemba, situated in the northern province of Caba Delgado, on the majestic headland of one of the world's largest inland bays.

Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa is situated near the sleepy town of Pemba, in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, approximately 240km (149.1 miles) from the border of Tanzania. It lies between Pembe Bay and the lovely Wimbe beach.

Located on one of the world's largest inland bays, Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa is close to a number of breathtaking attractions. These include the beautifully untouched Quirimbas Islands in Mozambique, consisting of 32 islands, including historic Ibo, a major trading centre in previous centuries when Africa's East Coast was controlled by Arabs, it later became a Portuguese colony.

Two forts guard Ibo, one of them is a magnificent example of Portuguese architecture in the 1800s, the other one reduced to a ruin. Yet Ibo remains a bustling local centre, silversmiths still practice their fine work outside these forts to offer unique mementos of a special place in Africa.

Pemba, formerly known as Porto Amelia, is a historic town, steeped in colonial and trading history and a gem to explore. There are local and traditional shops, as well as an authentic local market or Souk, where arts and crafts, as well as traditional silverware can be bought.

GPS Co-ordinates for Pemba Beach Hotel and Spa in Mozambique:

12:57:26 S 40:29:38 E

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